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our story

Welcome to A. Shively & Co!  We are a husband and wife team, Adam and Annette Shively. We believe in creating spaces you love. We curate every collection and handpick each item with you in mind, in hopes of making your space feel a little bit more like home.

Teaming up to work together comes easy for this husband and wife team, owners Adam & Annette Shively. They have found working together brings them the opportunity to spend more time together and enjoy their hobbies at the same time.  Their story began by Adam making a shelf for his wife, something she found in the designer catalog and he recreated it. For Annette it was painting a dresser on a tarp in their living room. Taking someone’s old and tattered hutch that needed updating and making it useful and purposeful once again. 

It’s really where all small businesses begin. In someone’s garage, or basement. A place where someone, somewhere has a gift or a passion and decides to pursue it. For Adam and Annette, it has turned into customers seeking the duo’s advice on wood projects big and small, painting family piece’s that can be incorporated into today’s style and trends, and advice on home decorating for all seasons.

Within the walls of their shop you will find custom made cutting boards, trays, picture frames, coasters, and much more all handmade by Adam in his woodshop. Alongside these items are products carefully chosen by Annette to complement their style and allow customers access to the latest in home décor. As you browse thru the pages of products online you will get a glimpse into their style and have access to some of the pieces of custom home décor that they have designed.

Adam & Annette opened A. Shively & Co. originally to fill a need in their community. A place for people to shop for home décor and a place for this husband and wife duo to stretch their creative muscles. It’s a place that they have come to love so much. This is a place that feels like an extension of their home, where it feels warm and inviting and hopefully a place that helps you find pieces to make your house feel more like HOME.